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Jerri Jarmeh

Do you want to FIND MORE CLIENTS and MAKE MORE MONEY through your photography business?

The Photographer’s Business Plan is here to help you do just that!

It shows you the SPECIFIC steps you need to take to turn your passion project into a profitable, sustainable business (even if you have ZERO marketing or sales experience).

Say goodbye to anxiety and overwhelm, and doing anything and everything you can think of to call in clients to shoot…

...and say hello to complete clarity around all things acquisition with this tried, tested and proven-to-work process!

The Photographer’s Business Plan will prove to you that you can not only survive but THRIVE in your photography business - even as a creative in the current climate.

It’ll show you how to get gigs that are as fulfilling and satisfying as they are well paid - regardless of the effect, Covid has had on the economy.

  • Discover the #1 way to STAND OUT and SELL OUT -– this one might surprise you!

  • Learn the secret to digital marketing in the 21st century -– you’ll wish you had known about this years ago!

  • Find out what the going rates are for professional photography shoots -– this could help you make thousands!

  • When you follow this formula, you’ll never be short of clients on your roster (or money in the bank)...

    Ready to get more (ideal) clients and get (fairly) compensated with cash using the tools and techniques in this business plan?

    Don’t leave your success down to luck or to chance.

    Snap up this insane offer today

    For limited time, The Photographer's Business Plan is on offer for just ONLY £47.

    This is a HUGE saving, considering the usual value is £200!










    If you press to purchase right now, you’ll also receive £250 worth of bonuses completely FREE.

    Buy today and get:

    The Client Acquisition Bundle

    (usual price: £250)

    (This is typically only available to my photography workshop attendees!)

  • Watertight Contract Template £50

  • To make sure you’re covered and aren’t liable for anything legally! It’s not enough to download a copy off the internet, you have to personalise it to the photography business specifically!

  • Invoice Template £25

  • So that from an accounting perspective, you have everything you need to keep your books right and theirs!

  • Email and DM Swipe Files £75

  • To take the awkwardness out of and add the confidence into pitching people, and help you create a deep and meaningful connection with your client.

  • Lead Tracker £50

  • Keep track of every lead and what stage they are in the marketing process (cold, warm and hot) so you know how much nurturing they need to convert to customers.

  • Client Tracker £50

  • Keep a pulse on your clients old and new, who they are and what they do, as the people who’ve paid you are the hottest leads of all.

    Get ready to stop guessing and start KNOWING how to boss your photography business confidently, constantly and consistently.

    Your success is on the other side of this first step.

    Are you ready to take it?

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